Profit Sharing


Our profit sharing option allows you to earn from day 1. We’ve purchased a number of businesses and now their earning on a consistent bases.

This is by far the easiest and the most passive method to earning a side hustle monthly income.


Our formula is very simple and we continue to repeat with all products that we purchase. We buy websites that have a minimum amount of revenue and the current owner hasn’t realized the full potential. These types of sites or businesses are hard to find but since we have a formula in action, we purchase these types very quickly.

Here is the geek version of our formula:

Named: RAASS Business Model

RAASS = [R]epeat; [A]cquire; [A]utomate; [S]cale; [S]ell

How does it work?

We’ve made this super easy for you. You create your free account with us and view the different businesses that are available. Once you like one of the businesses, check the earning potential to see if fits with what you search.

You and I have a quick Skype of phone conversation to help answer any questions you might have. We then follow up with a bidding contract and get your investment dollars.

One a quarterly bases we mail out cheques to all our investors. Deposit and enjoy the rewards.

Your investment will dictate the amount of capital ownership you’ve retained. When the site sells, you receive your portion of the owner profits.

That’s it. All our investors have continued to invest in all our sites as the understand the power of maximum return for minimal effort.

Here are some of investors, sharing their joy in receiving their dividend checks.

How much can I earn?

This will depend on each individual business opportunity that is available. Log in to have a look at each of the businesses that are available for investment. Each business listing shows you your earning potential and all investment criteria.

What kind of businesses can I invest in?

The most important part is that all our businesses are profitable from day one. Normally, investment opportunities remain open while we are in the automation and scaling phases. Once we are finished these phases we let the business continue to function normally for 3 to 6 months. This builds a nice track record for when we list the business for sale.

Once a business is sold, everyone cashes out and we transfer the business to the new owner. You receive your portion of the profits and no further dividend cheques will be issued.

If these businesses are profitable, why are you taking investment?

You’re right; however, we’re constantly looking for new businesses to purchase. Your investment increases are capital to acquire additional business purchases without having to wait until a business is sold.

It can be difficult to find a business that meets our formula above but when we do find one, we don’t have time to deal with financial constraints. Rather, we need to have the cash in the bank and ready to buy.

What businesses are available?

To see a complete list of available businesses, please create your account and log into our website. Inside our website you’ll see a complete list of available businesses and the amount of profits you can gain.