Investing / How it Works

investing how it works

The Short Answer

Invest as little or as much as you like in one of our portfolio of on-line businesses. This will give you access to reoccurring monthly dividends from the profit pool from day 1. Plus, ownership of the asset.

When the business is ready for sale, you will also earn a return on your investment portion based on your % ownership in the business that you’ve invested in.

These are real businesses, earning real money. You’re not expected or required to do anything. Just sit back and earn money on a monthly basis. We’ve hired the talent and expertise to make sure we continue on the path of flowing dividends to our investor base.

The Detailed Answer

Buying an on-line business can be one of the quickest methods to increase your monthly earnings, if it is done right. There are many things you must consider before doing so.

Is The Business A Scam – This is by far the greatest fear for most people. I’ve learned my lessons over the years. I’ve lost close to $100,000 USD from bad deals and believe me I have seen a share of bad deals. Everything could look good right up until the end and if you’re not protected, then say goodbye to your money. Avoid being scammed.

Do I Have The Knowledge And Expertise – Once you buy an on-line business do you have the necessary expertise to run the business. Do you understand on-line sales and marketing tactics, or programming methods to drive awareness, SEO, web design, or social media marketing, and the list goes on. If you had all these skills, it still wouldn’t mitigate your risk of being successful.

We follow a simple and effective business model that we call RAASS. Using this model, we continue to make money on a monthly basis and provide dividends on a monthly basis to our investors.

[R]AASS – Repeat Model

A successful model of building on-line businesses and scaling their revenues MUST be repeated. We have specific metrics that we leverage when evaluating a business for acquisition.

R[A]ASS – Acquire

To make money you must acquire a business where you can scale revenues. Not just any business but a business that has show certain level of success but hasn’t maximized it’s sales potential.

RA[A]SS – Automate

The is the fun part of the model. We have automated so many processes for a business that we’ve shocked potential buys that a business is being run by just 1 person. We automated as many sales processes, marketing processes, etc. Well you get the idea. Automate, until you cannot automate anymore.

RAA[S]S – Scale

This is where the magic happens. Image scaling a business that was earning $5000 per month to $50,0000 per month. Done that! Also image scaling a business from $300 per month to $20,000 per month. Done that!

RAAS[S] – Sell

Sell the business after it has achieved a solid track record so that we can attract the maximum amount of money. When we sell a business; WE ALL PROFIT. We’ve even had previous investors buy our businesses. Why? They know they’re getting a solid, profitable business.

How Do You Make Money

When you decide to invest in any one of businesses, we will outline how much ownership rights you receive based on the total investment amount. This percentage will also dictate the portion of your dividend amount from each business’ profit pool.

We take the money from you, sign some contracts, and send you cheques. Our portal provides monthly updates on sales and progress of each business so you can passively monitor what’s going on. Once the business sells, again, we’ll calculate your percentage and issue a final cheque. Some more paperwork to sign and we’ve completed our agreement.

If you like any of the business in our portfolio for yourself, we would be pleased to consider you as an investment partner.