About / Norby Bandan

Norby BandanHey I’m Norby! I buy, scale and sell profitable income websites.

My mission is to help others to start earning $5000 USD per month as their side hustle.

Why? You may be asking. Simply because of the mass amount of experience I have gained in buying and selling website over the 10+ years that it’s easy for me to identify winner and loser sites. If I can spot them easily then I should share with others.

As such, I created Earn5000.com. I’ve helped many individuals find and acquire profitable websites and I can do the same for you. ONLY if you’re looking for a passive side hustle that can help you earn $5000 USD per month.

My History

Here is my linked in profile: https://linkedin.com/in/norbybandan

Truly, all the company and corporate experience listed there was my education. I used what I learnt at my jobs to make what I have now.

I hated my job! I hated the corporate world! But loved the money! – I know you can relate to this.

It took a life threatening accident, paralyzed from the next down for 45 days, to make me realize that I needed a change. Thankfully, I have fully recovered and I am completely healthy now.

It was then when I realized that money wasn’t happiness and money wasn’t success. It’s freedom for me that brought the greatest joy and deep feeling of success. There is nothing like escaping to Thailand for 3 months, without a hiccup to your businesses or your earnings. Or taking off to Vegas for month just so you can experience what’s really like being a local. Again, no drastic changes to your income or your businesses.

That’s truly freedom and success. In my books anyways.

Where Do I Want to Be

I still travel a lot as I get bored really easily of my surroundings. I pack my suitcase, my notebook and I’m ready for a new adventure. I work around 4 hours a day usually 6am to 10am, afterwards, I enjoy the entire day experiencing life.

Would you like such a lifestyle? I know it sounds scammy but I assure you it’s not. I am a real person, living the life I described. If you want it, you too can have that lifestyle. Go for it and create your free account and start learning on how I can help you get there.

Don’t Have the Time to Start

I hear that a lot. I used to be of that mindset as well, but I assure you you have the time for success, you just need to start.

Why? You’re not living your life, you’re just coasting and hope that some positive change might come. Well, positive change doesn’t just happen, you need to attract it. Attract it with the right skill sets, the mindset, the knowledge set, and more.